Song Celebration more popular than Michael Jackson’s last concert in Estonia

Tonight at 7.16 ended the 25th Estonian Song Celebration in the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. It was the biggest celebration after Estonia declared re-independence in 1990s.

The Estonian Song Celebration started on Saturday, 4th of July with a five hour festive parade where 37 000 singers, musicians and folk dancers walked from city center to the Song Festival Grounds.

Saturday’s repertoire consisted of mostly contemporary Estonian folk songs and opera tunes from Verdi and Wagner. Traditional Estonian folk songs from 19th and 2Oth century dominated Sunday’s performances.

On Saturday 75 000 Estonians gathered to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (Lauluväljak in Estonian) to enjoy choir music. 52 000 tickets were bought to Estonian most important celebration. In addition to that, lots of invited guests and media representatives were present.

On Sunday 68 000 tickets were bought to the Song Celebration To Breathe as One to listen to 27 000 (excluding teachers, accompanists and organizers) singers and musicians, playing popular Estonian folk songs. At the very first song festival, only male choirs were allowed to take part, but today singing was done by a variety of male, female, mixed and children’s choirs.

The above mentioned ca 100 000 people on capital city Tallinn festival grounds is almost double the number of people who attended Michael Jackson’s performance 12 years ago. Michael Jackson performed at the same stage in Tallinn in 1997 to 60 000 fans.

Song and Dance Celebration in number:
Beginning: 2nd of July

864 Estonian choirs and orchestras

26 430 singers and musicians

534 dancer’s and gymnast’s teams

7460 dancers and gymnasts

41 foreign collectives

1340 foreign musicians, singers, dancers and gymnasts

Next Estonian Song and Dance Celebration will take place in Tallinn in 2014 (starting on 4th of July)


15 Responses to “Song Celebration more popular than Michael Jackson’s last concert in Estonia”

  1. 1 CONNIE E. CLIMER July 6, 2009 at 8:11 AM

    Not sure on what the breathe as one is….i have not search the concert..premature speaking..this sounds like more like a culture/tradition how would this even compare??

    As the statement is made only males choir were allowed to sing at the first song you have both sexes there to participate. You don’t have to be a genious to figure out why this concert doubled. You just can’t compare the two. No matter who performs there in the future, you had a legend of “King of Pop”
    Michael Jackson, as history for that place.

    • 2 tobreatheasone July 6, 2009 at 11:14 AM

      These two events are similar and fully comparable. If you read the post you commented, you also noticed that only male choirs were allowed 140 years ago. If I’m not mistaken Michael Jackson was not performing this time, but in 1997 (12 years ago)
      When you say that Jacko was “history for that place” you’re absolutely right. But then again, if you think about cultural heritage, you might see other important and interesting points, too. So open your eyes and ears 

  2. 3 迷你倉 July 7, 2009 at 11:32 AM

    A judge removed Michael Jackson’s mother as administrator of his estate as Los Angeles went into lockdown for a star-studded memorial service to which more than 1.5 million people were denied seats.

    The acting mayor of Los Angeles said the pop legend would be buried at the city’s well-known Forest Lawn Cemetery today just ahead of the public ceremony, which will be broadcast live around the world.

    On the eve of the service, lawyers for Jackson’s 79-year-old mother Katherine clashed with two of the King of Pop’s business associates for control of his estate that includes the Neverland Ranch and rights to Beatles songs.

    A judge had named Katherine, who was close to her son throughout his life, as temporary executor of his estate shortly after the pop icon suddenly collapsed and died on June 25.

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    Lawyers for Katherine Jackson had opposed the motion to appoint the two men, citing a ”conflict of interests” and questioning whether Branca had a current relationship with Jackson at the time of his death.

    ”Mrs Jackson has concerns about handing over the keys of the kingdom just yet. She feels it is too soon,” attorney John Schreiber said.

    However, a lawyer for Branca, a prominent entertainment industry attorney, said his client had recently been rehired by Jackson and was well known to the family. The business partners will control Jackson’s estate until a new hearing on August 3.

    The Los Angeles Times reported that although the free-spending Jackson died owing more than US$400 million (HK$3.12 billion), his assets outstripped his debts by at least US$200 million.

    Those figures also do not include the huge sums likely to be generated by posthumous sales of his music and memorabilia, which have surged and are expected to remain strong for months.

    Police are preparing a large-scale operation for today’s service at 10am (1am Hong Kong time), warning fans not to show up at the downtown Staples Center arena unless they were among the lucky few with tickets.


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