Etno Socks More Popular Than Expected

sokidWe have reported earlier that for Song and Dance Celebration many special products were made. We mentioned laptops with traditional Estonian patterns from Elisa and souvenir coins from the Bank of Estonia. Among of the most popular items were socks from Suva, the oldest hosiery manufacturer in Estonia.

Now Suva reports that they sold a record breaking number of socks during the celebration days.

According to sales director Kristel Idol, Suva did not plan sales numbers, but sold more than expected. She mentioned that etno socks were especially popular among foreign guests. She also said that many buyers started to wear socks right after buying, others bought tens of pairs for presents.

Originally, socks were designed by students from Estonian Academy of Arts. Later on, Suva bought production rights and now it’s a worldwide success.

In case you missed the celebration in Estonia, but want to wear socks or tights with beautiful Estonian folk patterns, you can buy them online from Suva. A pair of socks cost only 29 EEK or 2,5 USD!


2 Responses to “Etno Socks More Popular Than Expected”

  1. 1 James-Henry Holland July 21, 2009 at 8:40 PM

    There were *other* designs available during the festival, though they were mostly sold out in my size… is this simply the remnant of what had been produced, or can I still hope to get *other* festival socks I had seen?

  2. 2 Cynde August 12, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    I bought several pair and they are beautiful but one pair fell apart after the first washing 😦

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