Foreign Performers in Song and Dance Celebration in Tallinn, Estonia

This year 14 countries were represented in Tallinn Song and Dance Celebration. Take a look at the full list below. In addition to performers, spectators and journalists all over the world visited the festival, too.

List of foreign performers:

  • Belgium: Kraainem, Landen, Wezembeek-Oppem
  • Spain: Pozoamargo-Cuenca
  • Canada: Burnaby, Hamilton, North Vancouver, Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver
  • Latvia: Riga, Jelgava
  • Norway: Knogsberg, Randaberg, Stavanger
  • Sweden: Lindome, Nynäshamn, Stockholm, Värnamo
  • Germany: Hannover, Jena, Schmidthachenbach, Wedemark, Wermelskirchen
  • Finland: Helsinki, Lahti, Joensuu, Nurmijärvi, Hollola
  • United Kingdom: Burry St. Edmunds
  • Denmark: Frederiksberg
  • Ukraine: Kiev
  • Hungary: Budapest, Nyiregyhàza
  • USA: Gaithersburg, Maryland; Geneva, New York; Los Angeles, California; New York; Piedmont, California; Lake Oswego, Oregon; Portland, Oregon; Seattle
  • Russia: St Petersburg, Sochy

Together with local groups, there were 37 000 singers, musicians, dancers and gymnasts.


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