Choir music month at Klassikaraadio

For those of you who live abroad and don`t speak Estonian, I collected few links from Klassikaraadio music archive 🙂 But first few words about the radio channel.

Klassikaraadio’s present schedule features cultural programs and news as well as a wide spectrum of quality musics. Starting in 1995, Klassikaraadio’s daily program initially consisted of six hours of classical music. In late 1998 Klassikaraadio began broadcasting round the clock. Since going online the same year, Klassikaraadio audience has become international and several regular shows have attracted fans from all over the world.

Funny Klassikaraadio promotional clip:

This month Klassikaraadio is dedicated to choir music and every day you have a chance to hear a new choir from different parts of Estonia. You don`t have to listen to it in real time, because Klassikaraadio has huge music archive and also podcast to download to your handheld devices. Just follow the link below and start listening.

Link to choir month music archive is here:

Also take a look at the massive archive of other programs:


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