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The Estonian Song Celebration tradition started in the middle of the 19th century and it has survived all of the twists and turns in Estonia’ s history.

The first nationwide Song Celebration was held in Tartu in 1869. At the time this was seen as the first attempt at national self-determination. Fifty choirs and musical ensembles from all over Estonia performed before an audience of thousands, who experienced a blissful sense of belonging, enhanced by the beauty of the music and the songs. This celebration evolved into a tradition that still flourishes today.

The small nation which started the tradition has had to prove to foreign authorities, even in the 20th century, that they are a fully fledged nation with its own rights and resolves. Song and Dance Celebrations were not just big festivals of singing and music, but a way to demonstrate the national spirit and to strengthen the sense of belonging.

The age of foreign rulers is past but Song and Dance Celebrations are still alive – both local and nationwide. It is definitely not only the spirit of protest and resistance that brings hundreds of thousands of Estonians – and an increasing number of guests from around the world – every five years to Tallinn. The total number of performers in the last Song and Dance Celebration in 2004 was 34 000 and they performed before an audience of 200 000.

This year 905 choirs and 26 430 singers and musicians will perform in Song Celebrations 2009 which is called “To Breathe as One.”

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